We are the first European Blueprint Club for Longevity

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We dive into the big questions about shaping our own evolution.

We collectively chat and learn about all things Blueprint.

From sourcing meals and supplements to the latest in longevity research.

A place to increase lifespan with lifelong friends

We understand how painful it is to source high-quality ingredients or even know where to start.
That's why longevity enthusiasts and biohackers from all over Europe come together as a community to collectively address these challenges, aspiring to help look and feel very best.

We made sourcing Blueprint ingredients super easy

Sourcing the best alternatives

Our biohackers experts have undertaken meticulous research and curation to assemble a list of top-quality ingredients, all aligned with Bryan Johnson's recommendations. It's accessible to everyone, for free.
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Zero effort, get the best

We continuously release products to help our members minimize the impact of aging and revitalize their longevity.
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Green Giant Starter Kit - batch #1

20 spots
The Green Giant Starter Kit ensures that you receive the same ingredients recommended in the Blueprint. Each ingredient and every batch undergoes rigorous testing and verification, meeting the gold standard for clean ingredient supplements. We make the process 100% transparent. The Starter Kit containing high-quality, high-purity NMN which is 3rd party tested.
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The Club give you a boost to take the first step toward a healthier you.

People love the Club

“I just was an avid follower of Bryan Johnson YouTube channel and tried to replicate his workout protocol, but you guys are doing so well, you gave me motivation to do the whole thing!”
“The first ever place where I can share and be heard. The place where we can discuss, disagree and share interesting information. That’s more than just a Blueprint, it a place for like-minded people who are united by the idea of longevity.”
“I joined the club the other night because I was interested in longevity topics. What an extraordinary collection of conversations, thoughts, and ideas. Truly exceptional.”

Membership FAQs

What is Zero Club ?
The main issues of the Blueprint protocol lie in locally sourcing high-quality ingredients, preparing meals, and conducting comprehensive body analyses. We are building out a community in Europe on top of Blueprint Protocol, to help European people in saving time and money, while improving their well-being.
Who can join the Club?
Anyone. We accept people of all ages, from all over the Europe. It's totally fine if you're not an expert in longevity; we're more interested in your enthusiasm and curiosity.
What do I get as a member?
As a member, you'll get to engage in lively discussions with fellow. Plus, you'll have alpha access to products and services we're launching. For example, get access to new batches of the Green Giant Starter Kit are only available to members within the community.
When are particular products released?
Most of our items do not have set release dates. Please join us, or sign up for the club newsletter. From there you will be able to receive alerts each time we release a product.
Is the Club free?
Yes, it's absolutely free.

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