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Join 5,000+ people united in slowing their aging

Using scientific protocols to slow our speed of aging

Zero Club offers a blend of on-demand resources, 24/7 available health experts and doctors and interactive workshops, designed to accelerate your journey.
Our tribe of 2,000 health explorers can make informed decisions about longevity without burning 1,000+ hours on research.

We guide you in slowing aging,

whether you're a beginner or a rejuvenate athlete.

We help you make choices for tangible longevity results.

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Green Zero is a simple step toward longevity - one scoop a day

Bryan Johnson has spent millions of dollars to maximize his longevity and has come up with this shake. He has been drinking this shake every morning for more than two years.
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What members say

Starting my Blueprint has been made incredibly simple, thanks to all resources provided.
My most visited site for the last few months. Thank you for that!
That’s more than just a Blueprint, it a place for like-minded people who are united by the idea of longevity.

Our Story

We've followed Bryan Johnson's Blueprint Protocol since last year.
Results are incredible but it's not an easy task.
We decided to shared everything to help our friends implementing Blueprint.
They love it, and thousands of people joined us from all over the world.
Now, our mission is to make accessible Blueprint and other longevity protocols to millions of people who seek a healthier and longer life.
So we've created systems and guides to optimize the protocol.
Max B & Max G — Co-founder of Zero Club

Join 5,000+ Don't Die fans, and health explorers slowing our speed of aging together.

Club FAQs

What is Zero Club ?
Zero Club exists to make the best scientific health protocols accessible to anyone. We provide bite-sized, 5-minute guides free of charge so that our tribe of 1,000 like-minded explorers can make informed decisions about their health without burning 1,000+ hours on research
Who can join the Club?
Anyone. We accept people of all ages. It's totally fine if you're not an expert in longevity; we're more interested in your enthusiasm and curiosity.
What do I get as a member?
You'll have the opportunity to join discussions with fellow members on our private WhatsApp group and Discord server. The WhatsApp group is currently exclusive to our early supporters, but we're planning to open it to a select few in the coming days.

Plus, you'll have alpha access to products and services we're launching. For example, get access to new batches of the Green Giant or access to ressources for free.
When are particular products released?
Most of our items do not have set release dates. Please join us, or sign up for the club newsletter. From there you will be able to receive alerts each time we release a product.
Is the Club free?
Yes, it's absolutely free.

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