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We partner with mission-aligned companies and physicians who support our mission by offering us deep discounts. We can then pass on these insider prices to Zero Members.


SAVE 12%
We partnered up with TruDiagnostic to offer you 12% off their Biological Age testing kits. You'll save $59.88 on the TruAge Complete test. This pace of aging test shows your biological age and rate your body is aging (used by Bryan Johnson). It's also the test recommended for submitting an application to the Rejuvenation Olympics leaderboard.
They provide the return shipping label for anyone who orders off their site with the code
Ava Medical
SAVE 12%
Official European reseller of TruDiagnostic tests.
We’ve partnered with AVA Medical in Germany to address the shipment limitations of TruDiagnostic in Europe.

1) 12% off, covering materials shipped from their clinic to you, and shipping to the US after they receive the sample back.
2) A phone call to explain each value once the results are in. (Doctors in house)
🇩🇪 For our German friends, the set even includes a prepaid envelope.

You will save roughly €118 in taxes and fees compared to buying from the US.
SAVE 15%
We've partnered with Biostarks to give you an exclusive 15% off their 3 self-testing kits. They've got one to check your NAD and two more to cover basic biomarkers.
Turi Health
SAVE 15%
Turi is your home base for digital functional health and advanced lab tests. The protocol is built to check and drive overall health and health span.They provide a comprehensive health check, with 100+ biomarkers, a dedicated nutritionist and functional doctor, and a highly personalised action plan with accountability coaching to drive your health from normal to optimal. The service is currently in closed beta available in London, Paris, Berlin, Zurich, Lisbon and Amsterdam."
The Turi program costs €1,480.

For our members, we've secured a 15% discount, bringing the program cost down to €1,250 for you.
SAVE 13%
We partnered with GlycanAge to offer you a unique window into your health and aging process. Their  biological age test goes beyond traditional metrics, offering insights into chronic inflammation and the real-time impact of your lifestyle choices.
Note: At present, pre-paid sample return postage is provided within UK, US, Canada and Croatia only, however shipping your sample back outside of these areas requires just an international post stamp and costs up to EUR10.
SAVE 15%
We teamed up with Thriva to offer you 15% off their new Advanced Longevity test. They just launched this blood test in alpha. It covers 19 biomarkers Bryan Johnson tests.
They provide the return shipping label for anyone who orders off their site with the code
Note: Unfortunately only available in the UK

Longevity Doctors

Dr. Émilie Laplagne
Based in Paris, takes consultations all over Europe (speaks English and Spanish). For anti-aging consultation, send her an email.
Special price for Zero Members: 30 minutes @ 160€ // 1 hours 270€.
Standard consultation: 30 minutes @ 175€ // 1 hour 300 €.
Dr. med. Andrea Gartenbach
Dr Andrea Gartenbach is Doktor for Internal Medicine and has +10 years of experience in Functional-Performance, Nutrition Medicine and Aging Medicine.
She believes in the power of personalized medicine and science, dedicating her career to support people to live longer, healthier lives, introducing high-performance approaches into healthcare.
Dr. Andrea Gartenbach - a former professional sports athlete - had her medical training in Germany, Switzerland and USA. She developed a passion for cutting-edge health science and as a result - co-founded Aera Health - a leading center for longevity and health optimization. Dr Andrea is also an investor and a member of boards of Health and Health-Tech Companies.
Consultations are billed via GOÄ and can, if necessary, be covered by private health insurance.
I've been a longevity doctor for 10 years and I run the Human Longevity Lab - one of Europes most advanced longevity & age reversal clinics. We are more tribe than traditional medical clinic and our clients benefit fromad hoc or membership based care including routine blood testing, drug monitoring to deep biological assessment.Get in touch if your curious or if you think we can help.
We offer a free discovery call for all new clients and a 20% discount for Zero members and blueprint trialists.
Adam Bataineh MD
His membership includes comprehensive testing every 6 months and continuous follow-up with him, which includes prescriptions and advice on how to optimize the main markers of longevity.
Get 10% discount of his service, if you're part of Zero Club.
Dr. med. Corinna Gaster
Hi, my name is Corinna. I work as a doctor for rejuventation and longevity in Heidelberg, Germany. My focus is health, not illness. A totally different perspective compared to common medicine. Our body has enormous self-healing powers and capacities for maintaining health. It's about giving the body what it needs to heal, to stay healthy, and to understand what the body is made for. If you have any issues within that field, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.  
Dr. med. Scharoch Taleh
Dr. med. Taleh is specialized in proactive medicin and one of the pioneers of early medicine in germany. The costs of treatment are calculated according to the medical fee schedule of German doctors – Gebührenordnung für Ärzte (GOÄ). If you are privately insured you can restitute the costs from your health-insurance. Compulsory insured (Gesetzliche Krankenkasse) will have to cover the costs themselves.
To book an appointment, you have to send an email.
Dr. Ionita
Consultation: 30 minutes @ €160.00 // 1 hour @ €295.00. Based in Paris, distributes in EU (speaks English).
Dr. med. Kai Gutzeit
The costs of treatment are calculated according to the medical fee schedule of German doctors – Gebührenordnung für Ärzte (GOÄ). If you are privately insured you can restitute the costs from your health insurance. Compulsory insured (Gesetzliche Krankenkasse) will have to cover the costs themselves.


Bioniq PRO
SAVE €50
At Zero Club, we believe in supplements that cater to your body's specific needs. Blood testing helps identify your unique nutrient deficiencies.

That's why we've partnered with Bioniq. With a precise understanding of your body's nutrient requirements, they create a 100% unique daily supplement formula tailored just for you and deliver it to your door.

How it works ?
1. Get a blood test or upload your own results
2. Bioniq's algorithm calculates your precise requirements
3. Receive your 100% personalized supplements
4. 1:1 support from our certified nutritionists

Receive €50 off (€199/monthly) your first month of subscription with our discount code.


Blueprint Food by Eatology
Coming by the end of January!
Blueprint Food
A minimum order of 6x meals is required to meet your dietary needs for two days.
This includes 2x Super Veggie, 2x Nutty Pudding, and 2x 3rd Meal.

Third meal is as follows:
- Asparagus Almond Beet Salad, 500 cal
- Orange Fennel Salad, 500 calories
- Stuffed Sweet Potato, 500 calories
Blueprint Food
💸 Prices come down up to 13€/meal.
🍽️ They offer 4 meals:

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