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Mickael's Longevity Protocol: How a busy investment banker designs his day for longevity

Meet Mickael, a busy investment banker from Paris who's tailored his daily routine to keep up with both his career and his longevity goals. Dive into his balanced approach to fitness, nutrition, and wellness that keeps him going strong despite the long work hours.


Grip strength of 67.5 kg (dominant hand). Average for males (35 kg - 57 kg)
VO2max of 52: Typical range of 30-40 for males in his age group.
djack's Blueprint protocol

Jack's Protocol: From Special Forces Commando to All-in Blueprint

Over recent years, he has prioritized his mental and physical health, achieving milestones from strength to aesthetics. His discovery of Bryan Johnson's Blueprint marks a new chapter in his journey towards autonomous living.


Sleep performance: Almost got a 100% week-streak
Recovery performance: 98% reached
Blueprint Hacks: 1-to-28 by Andre Nazareth

Blueprint Hacks: 1-to-28 by Andre Nazareth

Andre has created a system uses several hacks to optimize Blueprint meal preparation. With this approach, he spends only one day to prepare meals for the next 28 days.


Top 1% best sleep performance in London
Lost +10Kg
Average HRV 109

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